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5 Essential Logitech Accessories For Staying Connected at School and Work

Discover awesome gear that can help you become more productive as you work or study online. Online classes and work have become a huge part of our daily lives. Adjusting to this new normal was daunting at first, with various hurdles that needed to be overcome. Slowly but surely, though, students and work-from-home employees have

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Switch to Wireless Gaming Right Now with These Amazing Deals from Logitech

Enjoy up to 50% off on the best wireless gaming gear at the Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Sale! There is a certain kind of freedom that comes with wireless gaming. The absence of cords, and not being tied up to your computer, allows greater freedom of movement for any gamer. It makes for a less

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Upgrade to Logitech G Gear and Enjoy Total Wireless Freedom While Gaming

Be a winner and score unbeatable deals when you shop at the 7.7 Sale! If you haven’t made the switch from wired to wireless gaming yet, ask yourself, “What are you waiting for?” High-performing wireless headsets, mice and keyboards offer amazing versatility and user-friendliness, while achieving a clean, clutter-free look, thanks to the absence of

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